Monday, May 25, 2009


2 - cans of crescent rolls
2 - cans refried beans
1 - 16 oz sour cream
1 - pkg taco seasoning
1 - bag finely shredded cheese
Any topping you would like..

Press out the crescent rolls into a baking pan press seams so they do
bake apart. Bake at 375 till brown approx 10 min. Take out and let
cool. Mix the sour cream and 1/2 taco seasoning together may need
more (taste!) Spread the refried beans on the top of the crescent rolls
then add the sour cream mixture then top with the shredded cheese.
I put it back in oven under broil for just a few minutes to melt the
cheese slightly then refrigerate and slice when chilled.

I also have browned ground beef and made taco meat which I added on top of the beans.

This recipe came from a good friend, Darlene Ashley that I worked with at the bakery.

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